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Tricity Bendix 3117699011 Grill / Oven Element



Tricity Bendix 3117699011 Grill / Oven Element

Manufacturer Tricity Bendix Wattage 2800 Watts (1400 Watts / 1400 Watts)

 Dimensions Height: 340mm

Width: 350mm

Bracket: 100mm

Tags: 23/53mm

This will fit the following models

CSE500X, CSE500X (STRATA), CSE551SV, CSE551W, CSIE501SV, CSIE501SV (STRATA), CSIE501WH, CSIE501WH (STRATA), CSIE508GR, CSIE508W, CSIE508X, CSIE508X (STRATA), SE501SV, SE501W, SE505X, SE550W, SE551W, SE553BK, SE553W, SE554BK, SE554GR, SE554SV, SE554W, SE555BG, SE555PW, SE555SV, SE558FPS, SE558W, SI505B, SI505B (ACCLAIM), SI505W, SI505W (ACCLAIM), SIE505C, SIE505GR, SIE555BG, SIE555PW, SIE555SV, SIE556W, TBD950WH, TBD950X, TBU750X, TDD950WH

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