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Authentic Tricity Bendix Grill / Oven Element 3970129015

Tricity Bendix


Manufacturer Tricity Bendix

Wattage 2450Watts (800 Watts / 1650 Watts)

Replaces 3570545016,3570545040

Genuine Part Yes

Dimensions Height:340mm Width: 350mm Bracket: 100mm Tags: 55/25 Crossbar: 370mm

This Fits The Following Models

FO 10+0 ZOB890XQIL, ZBN301W, ZBQ465X, ZCB880XQ, ZCB990XQ, ZCC6600W, ZCC6600X, ZCC6601W,ZCC6653W, ZCC6656W, ZCC6656X, ZCC6658W, ZCC6658X, ZCE560NW, ZCE561MW, ZCE6601W,ZCE661W, ZCG560MW, ZCG560MX, ZCG560NW, ZCM560MW, ZCM560MX, ZCM560NW, ZCM561MW,ZCM561MX, ZCM6601W, ZCM6603W, ZCM6605W, ZCM6606X, ZCM661NM, ZCM661NX, ZCM6651W,ZCM760DCX, ZCM760GX, ZCS6602W, ZCS6603W, ZCS6604W, ZCS6653W, ZCV560MW,ZCV560MX, ZCV560NW, ZCV560NX, ZCV561NW, ZOB141W, ZOB141X, ZOB150W, ZOB150X,ZOB151NC, ZOB160W, ZOB160X, ZOB161X, ZOB180NC, ZOB231YC, ZOB240X, ZOB243X,ZOB331X, ZOB333N, ZOB333X, ZOB335X, ZOB341N, ZOB341W, ZOB341X, ZOB342W,ZOB342X, ZOB346X, ZOB360N, ZOB360X, ZOB362N, ZOB362X, ZOB364X, ZOB382W,ZOB382X, ZOB451X, ZOB460X, ZOB471X, ZOB481NQ, ZOB481WQ, ZOB481XQ, ZOB550X,ZOB561NQ, ZOB561XQ, ZOB561XS, ZOB655N, ZOB655X, ZOB656X, ZOB669X, ZOB680XS,ZOB682X, ZOB689W, ZOB691X, ZOB780W, ZOB780X, ZOB890WQ, ZOB890XQ, ZOU132B,ZOU132W, ZOU132X, ZOU133B, ZOU133W, ZOU133X, ZOU134B, ZOU134W, ZOU134X,ZOU135X, ZOU141W, ZOU141X, ZOU161B, ZOU161W, ZOU161X, ZOU231X, ZOU241X,ZOU251X, ZOU261X, ZOU333B, ZOU333N, ZOU333W, ZOU333X, ZOU341N, ZOU341W,ZOU341X, ZOU342W, ZOU342X, ZOU346W, ZOU348FW, ZOU348FX, ZOU349FTX, ZOU349FX,ZOU359FX, ZOU361X, ZOU362X, ZOU363X, ZOU379FTX, ZOU379FX, ZOU444B, ZOU444N,ZOU444W, ZOU444X, ZOU461X, ZOU462X, ZOU463X, ZOU481NQ, ZOU481XQ, ZOU482X,ZOU592X, ZOU657X, ZOU669X

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